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vb. (en-past of: represent)


adj. represented accurately or precisely [syn: delineated, delineate] [ant: undelineated]

Usage examples of "represented".

Finally, they completed the sacred Septenary by a mysterious image that represented the progress of the dogma and its future realizations.

The sojourn of Proserpine and also of Adonis, during six months of each year in the upper world, abode of light, and six months in the lower or abode of darkness, allegorically represented the same division of the Universe.

In all, as we learn from Julius Firmicus, they represented by allegory the phenomena of nature, and the succession of physical facts, under the veil of a marvellous history.

Pyramids represented metaphysics founded on a knowledge of nature, 321-l.

The most popular forms or manifestations of Vishnu the Preserver, were his successive avataras or historic impersonations, which represented the Deity coming forth out of the incomprehensible mystery of His nature, and revealing Himself at those critical epochs which either in the physical or moral world seemed to mark a new commencement of prosperity and order.

In the ceremonies was represented the death of the youngest of the Cabiri, slain by his brothers, who fled into Etruria, carrying with them the chest or ark that contained his genitals: and there the Phallus and the sacred ark were adored.

Thus men have given to the Gods human forms, and have even represented them under the figure of other beings, in the train of which fictions followed many more of the same sort.

Salt represented by the Hermetics under the form of a cubical stone, 775-l.

Sun, Planets and Zodiac represented in the Mithraic cave of initiation, 424-l.

That these represented the planets, we are assured by Clemens of Alexandria, in his Stromata, and by Philo Judaeus.

Pythagoras represented it by the TETRACTYS, which had many mystic meanings.

Those numbers were especially employed that had a reference to the Deity, represented his attributes, or figured in the frame-work of the world, in time and space, and formed more or less the bases of that frame-work.

The border that ran around the columns represented the zodiac, and one of the twelve celestial signs was appropriated to each column.

Celsus, as quoted by Origen, tells us that the Persians represented by symbols the two-fold motion of the stars, fixed and planetary, and the passage of the Soul through their successive spheres.

These seven are represented by the square columns of this Degree, while the columns JACHIN and BOAZ represent the angels of fire and water.