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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Reprehensible \Rep`re*hen"si*ble\ (-h?n"s?-b'l), a. [L. reprehensibilis: cf. F. r['e]pr['e]hensible.] Worthy of reprehension; culpable; censurable; blamable. -- Rep`re*hen"si*ble*ness, n. -- Rep`re*hen"si*bly, adv.


adv. In a reprehensible manner.


adv. in a manner or to a degree deserving blame or censure [syn: culpably]

Usage examples of "reprehensibly".

I behaved reprehensibly when we knew each other years ago, and he is not likely to forget that.

For once, though, Nynaeve did not care how reprehensibly they behaved.

But as on the afternoon they met, he found himself quite reprehensibly unwilling to stop the flow of circumstances, and unless he missed his guess, she was feeling the same way.

She would never forget her family, of course, and she would certainly never be a loose-liver, as some internationally-known divas had so reprehensibly been, but she would no longer be bound by the chains of the Thirteeners or the social habits of Salterton.

One may say that according to present-day standards he had been reprehensibly unbusiness-like in handling his affairs, that he had been a fool to keep on giving away money for the benefit of the poor when he contributed so much in taxes to their care by the Welfare State, and that when he went to Carey Street the law would undoubtedly call him to account for having piled up debts that he could not pay.