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n. a fabric with prominent rounded crosswise ribs [syn: rep]


Repp - Убивать.

Usage examples of "repp".

It was a claim that could be made by several other families, including Repp Taylor and his parents.

But he had quickly learned Repp Taylor had been behind the wheel, the man Cat loved--something Culley had never quite understood, believing as he did that she deserved better.

Today the remains of Repp Taylor would join them, and the Triple C employees and their families had turned out en masse to pay their last respects to one of their own.

She and Repp had always planned to honeymoon in-- Pain sliced through her, cutting off the thought with the cruel reminder that Repp was dead.

The loss of Repp twisted through her, sharp enough to bring the sting of tears to her ears and blur her vision.

The only things this man had in common with Repp were his height and build, the jet darkness of his hair and the impression of strength in his features.

His husky comment struck a painful chord in her memory, sharply recalling all the times Repp had refused her.

And that was what she wanted--to be in his arms, close her eyes and imagine it was Repp holding her, that it was his hands touching her, his lips kissing her.

In the past she had always used heat and an unrelenting pressure in an effort to drive Repp beyond the limits of his control.

A darkened room would allow her to pretend she was making love to Repp when the truth was something different.

With a stealth acquired from all the times she had snuck out as a teenager to meet Repp, she searched out her clothes in the dark, stuffed her socks and underclothes in her boots, dragged on her jeans, and slipped into her blouse, hastily buttoning it.

Convinced she was thinking of Repp and angered that she had, Logan lifted his head and saw the fiercely needy light that burned in her eyes--for him.

She spoke louder than she intended and it carried through the door Repp had opened.

I want you to roust Repp Taylor out of his bunk and get him up to The Homestead now!

Ty stated, continuing to watch for any sign that Repp knew more than he was telling.