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n. (plural of repeat English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: repeat)

Usage examples of "repeats".

He heard the sounds of his mouth recovering fluidity, heard his name but could not repeat it now, no more than the king who abdicates repeats the name he took when he assumed the crown.

Mr Vulliamy repeats, glancing at the attorney who sits with an appearance of utter calm watching the other two.

Then the cycle repeats itself until the magazine has no more ammunition left in it.

In the second Pythian Ode10 Pindar repeats, and would appear to endorse, the old monitory legend of Ixion, who for his outrageous crimes was bound to an ever revolving wheel in Hades and made to utter warnings against such offences as his own.

Accordingly, we find that John repeats, as falling from the lips of Christ, all the declarations required by and supporting such an hypothesis.

The seasons come and go, and come again and go again, Every planet repeats its revolutions over and over.

Secure of a favorable reception, he repeats his visit the ensuing day, and is mortified by the discovery, that his person, his name, and his country, are already forgotten.

Honourable Bob Stables daily repeats to some chosen person between breakfast and lunch his favourite original remark, that she is the best-groomed woman in the whole stud.

Allan, not knowing but that he has just robbed her of her money, follows in chase and runs so hard that he runs the boy down a dozen times, but each time he repeats the curve, the duck, the dive, and scours away again.

Jarndyce, Jo repeats in substance what he said in the morning, without any material variation.

Bucket twice or thrice repeats it to the pipe he lights, and with a listening face that is particularly his own.