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REO may refer to:

  • Real estate owned, a class of property
  • REO Motor Car Company
    • Ransom E. Olds (1864–1950), its founder
  • R.E.O. (album), 1976 album from REO Speedwagon
  • REO Speedwagon, Classic Rock Band
  • REO, FAA identifier for Rome State Airport in Rome, Oregon
  • REO for rare earth, oxide

Reo may refer to:

  • Reo Coordination Language
  • Réo, town in Burkina Faso
  • Reo, Estonia, village in Pihtla Parish, Saare County, Estonia
  • Reo, Indiana, an unincorperated community in Spencer County
  • Don Reo, television writer and producer
  • Reo (spider), a spider genus of family Mimetidae
  • reo, Maori word meaning voice or language, as in te reo Māori
  • Kōhanga Reo (pre-school language-recovery movement)

Réo is a city located in the province of Sanguié in Burkina Faso. It is the capital of Sanguié Province.

Category:Populated places in the Centre-Ouest Region Category:Sanguié Province

Reo (deity)

Reo is a name appearing on Latin dedications to a Lusitanian- Gallaecian deity, usually with an epithet relating to a place, such as Reo Paramaeco discovered in Lugo in Galicia. The name Reo is in the Latin dative case, for a Latinized name *Reus.

Usage examples of "reo".

Where the hell was Reo, Eve wondered, and dug her hands into her pockets.

NYPSD, along with Peabody and McNab, Detectives, and Reo, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney.

Attending included the chief of police, her commander, APA Reo, Mira, Adam Quincychief legal counsel for the NYPSDas well as her partner, Feeney, and McNab.

Along the road with the Reo ran an endless parade of old cars and trailers.

But the Reo had had to have a new gas-line and a battery, and little money was left to show for the long, sizzling months of work.

The Reo was having to have her tires patched twice a day, and slow leaks were blown up every time the car stopped for gasoline.

Beechams, and they climbed into the Reo once more and stared down on the other side of the road, where the foreman had told them his packers lived.

First Cav company, the Preachers, was camped at Cheo Reo, a hundred miles south of us.

Eve waited until Reo took Peabody into a conference room, then she pulled out her communicator and tagged McNab.

Peabody, make sure the prisoners are secured, check in with Baxter on-scene, and round it out with Reo and Smith.

Nelson had arrived in an automobile, a smart four-passenger Reo runabout.

I planned to go by streetcar, was unsurprised when Nelson volunteered to drive me down in his Reo runabout.

Brian did not tell me what he had paid, but the Reo was widely advertised and I can read.

The truck was an old Reo with a girder for a bumper, and as fire fighters ran from its path, the truck accelerated until it rammed through the burning fence and into the concrete barrier around the transformer.

Bought the first home automobile, too, that damn red Reo he ran up and down the streets last year, scaring the horses.