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René ( born again or reborn in French) is a common first name in both French-speaking and Spanish-speaking countries. It derives from the Latin name Renatus.

René is the masculine form of the name ( Renée being the feminine form). In some non-Francophone countries, however, there exists the habit of giving the name René (sometimes spelled without an accent) to boys and also to girls. In addition, both forms are used as surnames (family names).

René as a first name given to boys in the United States reached its peaks in popularity in 1969 and 1983 when it ranked 256th. Since 1983 its popularity has been continuously in decline and it ranked 772nd in 2013. Renée as a first name given to girls in the United States reached its peak in popularity in 1967 when it ranked 62nd. Since then its popularity has been continuously declining.

René (novella)

René is a short novella by François-René de Chateaubriand, which first appeared in 1802. The work had an immense impact on early Romanticism, comparable to that of Goethe's The Sorrows of Young Werther. Like the German novel, it deals with a sensitive and passionate young man who finds himself at odds with contemporary society. René was first published as part of Chateaubriand's Génie du christianisme along with another novella, Atala, although it was in fact an excerpt from a long prose epic the author had composed between 1793 and 1799 called Les Natchez, which would not be made public until 1826. René enjoyed such immediate popularity that it was republished separately in 1805 along with Atala.

Usage examples of "rene".

Rene and his men to tend to the horses and themselves at a stable nearby, he went into the tavern, which was known to every cutpurse and bawd in London.

Maxie and Rene from the airport and give them each a pistol that Guido will buy.

So Guido will keep an eye on the outside while Maxie and Rene are inside.

She had adorned the rooms with superb tapestry made for Rene of Savoy, on which were depicted all the operations of the Great Work.

It was Leyland who had set the standard that Rene had been striving to live up to for as long as she could remember.

Being the only child of a great man like Leyland Reynolds had certainly provided Rene with consid-erable benefits and privileges, but it was also a situation not without its drawbacks.

The man who, on some glorious day, will render me happy is my Armand, my Rene, my Nais, three angels for whom I have hitherto lived--there can never be for me, I feel it deeply, another passion!

While I was reading the note, my husband, Lucas, Rene, and Nais had eagerly extracted me from my swathings, and then, in truth, I appeared no longer a saint, but a woman of the world.

A distinguished philosopher and vivisector of three hundred years ago, Rene Descartes, put forth the theory that animals, being without souls, cannot suffer pain, and that their cries under vivisection were simply as the whirring of wheels in an intricate piece of machinery.

She had read of the woman battered to death in Kenston, and when the police, no nearer finding the killer, went to the lengths of showing on television a brief reconstruction of a scene in The Golden Horn, she had decided to act, for she knew that Bruce Atkins, now living as Colin Widdows, had not killed this woman, nor Rene, for whose murder Stan had tried to frame him.

Anglia natus est puer geminus a clune ad superiores partes ita divisus, ut duo haberet capita, duo corpora integra ad renes cum suis brachiis, qui baptizatus triduo supervixit.

Or I shall become a king of bards and trouveurs, like good King Rene of Provence.

I am very grateful to Rene Alegria, my editor at Rayo, so aptly named, for his unbridled enthusiasm and joie de vivre, which made writing this novel so much fun.

Anglia natus est puer geminus a clune ad superiores partes ita divisus, ut duo haberet capita, duo corpora integra ad renes cum suis brachiis, qui baptizatus triduo supervixit.

He held up a bit of greenstuff extracted from the deer food that Rene had scooped up at the feeding station, explaining that it was Chinese yew, a tree that deer loved but that was deadly poisonous to dogs.