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Renaixença (disambiguation)

Renaixença can refer to:

  • The Renaixença, a romantic cultural movement in the Catalan language and culture
  • The Catalan review La Renaixença

The Renaixença (, (also written Renaixensa before spelling standardisation) was an early 19th-century romantic revivalist Spanish movement in Catalan language and culture, akin to the Galician Rexurdimento or the Occitan Félibrige movements. The movement dates to the 1830s and 1840s, but lasted into the 1880s, when it branched out into other cultural movements. Even though it primarily followed a romantic impulse, it incorporated stylistic and philosophical elements of other 19th century movements such as Naturalism or Symbolism. The name does not indicate a particular style, but rather the cultural circumstances in which it bloomed.