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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Remodify \Re*mod"i*fy\ (r?-m?d"?-f?), v. t. To modify again or anew; to reshape.


vb. To modify again

Usage examples of "remodify".

Your cells provided the source material that was modified and remodified into the creatures we now call sims.

Del lived a mile east and north of Lucas, in a neighborhood of post-war ramblers and cottages, all modified and remodified so many times that the area had taken on some of the charm of an English village.

Yet Herjellsen and William worked, and the 1180 was modified, programmed, remodified, and reprogrammed again and again.

It could have been a result of the modifying and remodifying of control circuits that had been going on, performed by both human engineers and Spartacus’s activities, for days.

He'd spent weeks as Charley's assistant, developing strategies and tactics, modifying and remodifying procedures.