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Usage examples of "rele".

Red Rose is the daughter of a wealthy capitalist, and to impress her I will have to maintain my rele as a Spanish grandee.

It always gave him a satisfied glow of achievement when he recalled his own rele in that salutary humiliation of the American barbarians.

These were crack troops in brown fatigues, trained especially for an assault rele in any theatre of the world, but since the last meeting of the Politburo in Havana they had been exercising and training for deployment in Africa.

Joe Cicero had succeeded in infiltrating astrong cadre of American and British Marxists into the university in the reles of professors and lecturers.

For years now, ever since the Smith Government's declaration of independence, Garry Courtney and Courtney Enterprises had played a leading rele in helping Rhodesia evade the sanctions campaign against it.