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Usage examples of "reld".

That was the Reld Current, a smooth-running river deeply submerged in the multilayered sea of the Flux.

As he studied the horizon where the meandering Reld vanished into darkness, he detected a dim streamer rising, almost imperceptible against the stars.

The Reld Current was running smoothly, but, despite that fact, the ship drew closer and closer to the shallows.

Breakup of the Reld Current, and the vicious spawning ground of new currents.

The Reld Current was a river running fast, and grumbling as it accelerated toward its end.

The stolid Reld, the only man who ever said what he felt like to MacLean, argued the necessity of rigid discipline.

William Palmer, and not for an instant did he allow Marielle into his Reld of vision.