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prep. (context mathematics English) relative to.


The proto-oncogene c-Rel is a protein that in humans is encoded by the REL gene. The c-Rel protein is a member of the NF-κB family of transcription factors and contains a Rel homology domain ( RHD) at its N-terminus and two C-terminal transactivation domains. c-Rel has an important role in B-cell survival and proliferation. The REL gene is amplified or mutated in several human B-cell lymphomas, including diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Rel (DBMS)

Rel is an open source true relational database management system that implements a significant portion of Chris Date and Hugh Darwen's Tutorial D query language.

Primarily intended for teaching purposes, Rel is written in the Java programming language.

REL (disambiguation)

REL may refer to:

  • Almirante Marcos A. Zar Airport, in Trelew, Argentina ( IATA airport code).
  • Reaction Engines Limited, British Aerospace company
  • Recommended exposure limit, a limit for exposure to a chemical substance
  • REL, v-rel reticuloendotheliosis viral oncogene homolog (avian)
  • Rights Expression Language, used to express metadata like copyright status
  • Robert E. Lee, Confederate general during the American Civil War

Usage examples of "rel".

Rel is navigable for sizeable vessels as far as Abray and barges could penetrate even further, virtually to Dalasor.

Mallick Rel, his fat, soft hands folded together and resting on his paunch, his skin the colour of oiled leather and smelling of Aren perfumes.

Then, in a sudden quiet, just as the Biter stopped her forward movement and began to disengage herself and slide astern, the fore topsail yard, bumped and pulled and jostled in its par rels broke at the truss.

He covered her mouth, lightly sucked it in, owly rel eased it, drew back, then dipped his head and ssed her again in the samej slow, sipping way.

Rel is navigable for sizeable vessels as far as Abray and barges could penetrate even further, virtually to Dalasor.

Bt, reO waskga cloer thainst her, she clrationthetch ffwethe arms the orarloersaycheerlo oft her, Sghtly ahen hambYou've rlinzrk l she said wsp,a moddered ioffce aftshe laytly aheeam,u at theads foph rel slng as gers dar somlelmop i her voie eatr tigI'm nouoer be mow inrwhat you.

Tremaine had a few men’s handkerchiefs, a penknife and the latchkeys to Coldcourt’s front door and her room at the conscripted hotel in Port Rel.

But all she heard were the familiar scuttlings of squir rels on the roof and a mockingbird singing from the chimney.

Moving from the estate outside Vienne to Rel had shifted the target point substantially closer to the island when they arrived in the other place.