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REK is the IATA metropolitan area code used for airports in or near Reykjavík, Iceland. In order of size:

  • Keflavík International Airport (KEF)
  • Reykjavík Airport (RKV)

REK may also refer to the following:

  • Robert Earl Keen (singer-songwriter)
  • Ryan Erik Kaminsky Abstract Oil Painter (Artist)
  • Robert E. Kennedy (University president)

Usage examples of "rek".

By the end Orrin was a hero, and I was proud to fight alongside him, and Rek held them all together after I died.

If Rek can pump the bellows, perhaps he can offer to pay part of his upkeep.

Dorrin can sense both Vaos and Rek, Pergun, Liedral and even Merga, all with wands in their hands.

Yarrl has not only built the new condenser, but improved the design considerably, and his touch with the grindstone, with the physical efforts of Rek and Vaos, has resulted in a much truer finish on the clutch parts that are not black iron.

From one corner, Rek watches the engine, trying to puzzle its workings.

Yarrl nods and glances at Rek, even as he throws another shovelful of coal into the firebox.

Dorrin returns the iron to the forge, heated here by coal, which requires more work with the bellows by Rek, and occasional sprinkling of the coals with a water can-another item Dorrin had to quickly forge.

The two walk into the smithy, where Rek is using the small anvil to forge nails.

From beside the slack tanks, Vaos and Rek watch, Vaos scratches his head, but the younger brother suddenly grins.