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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Reim \Reim\ (r?m), n. [D. riem, akin to G riemen; CF. Gr. ???? a towing line.] A strip of oxhide, deprived of hair, and rendered pliable, -- used for twisting into ropes, etc. [South Africa]


n. (context South Africa English) A strip of oxhide, deprived of hair and made pliable, used for twisting into ropes, etc.


Reim may refer to:

  • Re'im, a kibbutz in Israel
  • Martin Reim, an Estonian footballer
  • Matthias Reim, a German singer
  • Re’em, a beast mentioned in the Bible
  • Reim, a leather rope made by the Bantu people mentioned in Elizabeth Marshall Thomas's "The Harmless People"

Usage examples of "reim".

Jacob took off his hat and said a prayer to the Big Man in the sky, and when he had done Baas Frank came up with a gun and stood quite close and shot my father dead, and he fell forward and hung quiet over the reim, his head touching his feet.

Next he shot my mother, but the bullet did not kill her, and cut the reim, and she ran away, and he ran after her and killed her.

Chancellor of the kingdom, Messire Regnault de Chartres, Archbishop of Reims, eagerly desired his restoration to the see of the Blessed Saint Remi and the enjoyment of his benefices.

France, could not survive the monarchy, and as if the tempest which scattered the royal ashes of Saint Denys and the treasure of Reims, would also bear away the frail relics and the venerated images of the saint of the Valois.

Church of God, and especially the church of Reims, over the stormy sea of life, and by his merits and his prayers bring it into the heaven of eternal salvation.

Hardly had he entered his twenty-second year, when the episcopal seat of Reims fell vacant on the death of the blessed Bishop Bennade.

Jeanne had knowledge of the good Archbishop Remi, who so dearly cherished the royal blood in the holy ampulla at Reims, and of the anointing of the very Christian kings.

God, thou shalt lead the Dauphin to Reims that he may there receive worthily his anointing.

And God has chosen her, a young, ignorant peasant maid, to lead him, through the ranks of his enemies, to Reims, where he shall receive the unction poured upon Saint Louis.

The Archbishop of Reims acquitted himself with rare skill and indefatigable zeal.

No sooner was my Lord of Reims appointed than he threw himself into the city and spared no trouble.

King of Heaven speaks unto you by me and says that you shall be anointed and crowned at Reims, and be lieutenant of the King of Heaven, who is King of France.

Two hundred years before the reign of Charles VII, a young girl of Reims realised that a grave sin may be committed against the Church of God by refusing the solicitations of a clerk in a vineyard.

Wherefore it was to Reims that she wished to take him, not that she knew how to go there, but she believed that God would guide her.

Dauphin, do not so long and so frequently deliberate in council, but come straightway to Reims, there to receive your rightful anointing.