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Reil (disambiguation)

Reil is a surname, best known for being associated with the German psychoanatomist Johann Christian Reil.

Reil may also refer to:

  • Reil, Germany, a municipality in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
  • Insular cortex, a human brain structure also known as the Island of Reil, named after Johann Christian Reil
  • REIL, or Runway End Identifier Lights, used to identify the approach end of an airport runway

Usage examples of "reil".

The cerebral hemispheres were asymmetrical, the frontal lobes, corresponding to the psychical performances in the case, being relatively pretty large, while the posterior portion of the third convolution on the left side, the island of Reil, and the operculum were very small, corresponding to the inability to learn to speak.

The third frontal convolution and the island of Reil were small on both sides, corresponding to the alalia.

A postmortem examination showed nearly total destruction of the Island of Reil, popularly called the speech-center.

This Author predicted a possible match between Miss Rosamund Reiling and Mr.

Brogan is an investigator in the employ of my office and is involved at the direction of the Reiling family.

His company, Reiling Associates, may not have built every subdivision, industrial park and shopping mall in the greater Pittsburgh area, but it seemed that way.

But I had no other appointments that day -- and Reiling could definitely afford my rates.

The Reiling home was three stories high, built at the end of a cul-de-sac, with a bigger yard than any of its neighbors.

Doctor Argus, he confirms he did have a minor procedure scheduled that morning and that Reiling did show up.

From the Reiling stoop, I saw Faith enter a door three houses up on the left.

She could hear the soft whir of the reiling fan overhead, the chime of the Tompion grandfather clock down in the foyer, the rustle of leaves in the trees outside her window.