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Reid is a surname of Scottish origin, and is the 90th most common surname in the UK. It may refer to:

People with the surname Reid:

  • Alan Reid (disambiguation)

Alan Reid (Born 1950), Jockey in South Africa and winner of July Handicap

  • Alex Reid (disambiguation)
  • Andy Reid (disambiguation)
  • Angella Reid, White House Chief Usher
  • Antonio Reid, record executive
  • Beverly W. Reid (1917–1942), United States Navy officer, pilot, and Navy Cross recipient
  • Billy Reid (Irish republican) (1939–1971), volunteer and Staff Officer in C Company, Third Battalion of the Belfast Brigade of the Provisional Irish Republican Army
  • Brandon Reid (born 1981), ice hockey player for the Vancouver Canucks
  • Bruce Reid (born 1963), Australian cricketer
  • Buddy Reid (born 1940), Sri Lankan cricketer
  • Carolyn Reid (born 1972), English field hockey goalkeeper
  • Charlie and Craig Reid, members of The Proclaimers
  • Chris Reid (born 1971), Scottish footballer
  • Christopher Reid (born 1949), British poet, essayist and writer
  • Christopher "Kid" Reid, American actor and rapper
  • Constance Reid (1918–2010), mathematical author
  • Cornelius L. Reid (1911–2008), American voice teacher and writer on singing
  • Daphne Reid, American actress
  • David Reid (disambiguation)
  • Don Reid (disambiguation)
  • Duke Reid (1915–1975), Jamaican record producer
  • Duncan Reid (born 1989), Hong Kong basketball player
  • Ellis Vair Reid (1889–1917), Canadian World War I pilot
  • Escott Reid (1905–1999), Canadian public servant and diplomat
  • Elizabeth Jesser Reid (1789–1866), British social reformer and founder of Bedford College
  • Fiona Reid (born 1951), Canadian actress
  • Forrest Reid (1875–1947), British novelist
  • Frances Reid (1914–2010), American daytime television actress
  • Frank H. Reid (1844 or 1850-1898), American soldier, teacher, engineer, and surveyor
  • Geordie Reid, Scottish footballer
  • George Reid (Australian politician) (1845–1918), fourth Prime Minister of Australia
  • George Reid (Scottish politician) (born 1939), Scottish politician
  • George Croghan Reid (1876–1961), American Medal of Honor recipient
  • Gordon Reid (governor) (1923–1989), former Governor of Western Australia
  • Gordon Reid (actor) (1939–2003), Scottish actor
  • Harry Reid (born 1939), Nevada Senator and Senate Minority Leader
  • Harry Fielding Reid (1859–1944), American geophysicist
  • Hugo Reid (1809–1852), Scottish-born early California settler
  • Jamie Reid (born 1947), British artist
  • Jamie Reid (born 1947), Irish republican
  • Jamie Reid (swimmer) (born 1983), American backstroke swimmer
  • Jim Reid (born 1961), musician, lead singer of The Jesus and Mary Chain
  • John Reid, Baron Reid of Cardowan, British politician
  • Kerry Reid (born 1947), Australian tennis player
  • Lydia Reid, American politician
  • Margaret Reid (born 1935), first woman to be President of the Australian Senate
  • Margaret G. Reid (1896-1991), Economist
  • Marion Reid (born 1929), Canadian provincial politician
  • Matt Reid (baseball), American college baseball coach
  • Mike Reid (golfer) (born 1954), Canadian golfer
  • Mike Reid (actor) (1940–2007), British actor and comedian
  • Miles Reid (born 1948), mathematician
  • Neil E. Reid (1871-1956), American jurist
  • Patrick Reid (disambiguation)
  • Peter Reid (born 1956), English football manager
  • Pierre Reid (born 1948), Canadian politician
  • Reuben Reid (born 1988), British football (soccer) player
  • Richard Reid (born 1973), British jihadist best known as the "shoe bomber"
  • Robert Reid (disambiguation)
  • Robert Gillespie Reid (1842–1908), Scottish railway contractor
  • Robert James Reid (born 1931), a famous American lineman
  • Robert Lewis Reid (1862-1929), an American impressionist painter
  • Robert Threshie Reid, 1st Earl of Loreburn, Liberal politician in the United Kingdom
  • Ross Reid (born 1952), Canadian politician
  • Rufus Reid (born 1944), American jazz bassist and educator
  • Russell Reid, British psychiatrist
  • Samantha Reid (1984–1999), American high school student who died of drug overdose
  • Samuel Reid (disambiguation)
  • Scott Reid (politician) (born 1964), Conservative Party of Canada MP
  • Scott Reid (political advisor), advisor to Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin
  • Squire Reid (1887–1949), Australian politician
  • Stefen Reid (born 1972), Canadian football player
  • Steven Reid (born 1981), Irish football (soccer) player
  • Sue Reid (born 1970), Canadian field hockey player
  • T.R. Reid, American journalist, author, documentary film correspondent
  • Tara Reid (born 1975), American actress
  • Tasha Reid (born 1981), Korean rapper
  • Thomas Mayne Reid (1818–1883), Irish-American novelist
  • Thomas Reid (1710–1796), Scottish common-sense philosopher
  • Tim Reid (born 1944), American actor and film director
  • Vernon Reid (born 1958), guitarist of the band Living Colour
  • Victor Stafford Reid (1913-1987), Jamaican writer
  • Wallace Reid (1891–1923), silent film actor
  • William Reid (born 1958), musician, guitarrist of The Jesus and Mary Chain
  • Whitelaw Reid (1837–1912), American journalist and politician
  • Wilfrid Thomas Reid (1887–1968), English aircraft designer and Canadian aviation pioneer
  • Fictional characters:
    • Britt Reid, secret identity of the Green Hornet
    • Elliot Reid a character on the TV show Scrubs
    • F. X. Reid, pseudonym used by a British computer science writer
    • John Reid, better known as the Lone Ranger
    • Dr. Spencer Reid, a character on the TV show Criminal Minds

Reid as a given name:

  • Reid Anderson, jazz bassist
  • Fictional characters:
    • Reid Hershel, a character in the video game Tales of Eternia

Reid in other uses:

  • Reid, Australian Capital Territory, inner suburb of Canberra, Australia
  • Reid, West Virginia
  • Reid camera, manufactured by Reid and Sigrist, based on Leica designs
  • Reid technique, a method of interrogation
  • Reid Rocks, small rocky islet in western Bass Strait, Tasmania, Australia
  • Division of Reid, a Sydney electorate in the Australian House of Representatives
  • The Reid vapor pressure, a measure of the volatility of gasoline
  • USS Reid, the name of various United States Navy ships
  • USS Beverly W. Reid (DE-722), a United States Navy destroyer escort converted during construction into the high-speed transport USS Beverly W. Reid (APD-119)
  • USS Beverly W. Reid (APD-119), a United States Navy high-speed transport in commission from 1945 to 1947 and from 1967 to 1969
  • Utica Avenue, in Brooklyn, New York City; the northern portion was formerly Reid Avenue
Reid (Kent cricketer)

Reid (first name and details unknown) was an English cricketer who played for Kent.

Reid made a single first-class appearance for the team, during the 1828 season. He scored 1 not out in each innings in which he batted.

Usage examples of "reid".

He could have discoursed more happily on Horace and Virgil than on Barbara Celarent and the barren logomachies of Mr Reid.

So here was Reid Malenfant, his life down the toilet, chasing joky UFO reports around a desolate African sky.

Reid Malenfant, his life down the toilet, chasing joky UFO reports around a desolate African sky.

I hold you for questioning on the matter of an assassination attempt against my master, Supreme Affluent Reid Greene.

Reid Moir, a fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute and president of the Prehistoric Society of East Anglia.

Reid Grammar School in the daytime, Mearl Streep had been practically drummed out of polite Iowa society.

Reid kept up his contact with Schey and others whom the German introduced him to, and they made mutual profit.

If Reid were involved in such a scheme, Schey wanted to be a part of it.

Reid and Schey were talking in low tones when Mueller went to the door.

Reid that Schey would never have left Germany unless he was in some kind of trouble.

When Reid was stationed in Germany in the sixties he knew Karl Schey, who was a deep-cover East German intelligence agent working for the West German Secret Service.

If Reid were involved with Schey and Mueller, however, whatever they were up to would be big.

Australia, Lewis Wainright, Thomas Reid and Kevin Westbrook were helpful, and Bill Wood in Canberra provided living quarters.

After Reid tasted my shrimp etouffee, he called me to the dining room and went down on one knee and begged my pardon for doubting me and begged me to work for his grandfather.

According to a confidential file which Nim had read, Commissioner Reid was once an ardent believer in Keynesian economics, but had recanted, now accepting that the deficit spending doctrines of John Maynard Keynes had led to economic disaster worldwide.