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n. 1 (context uncountable colloquial Australia New Zealand English) registration for a motor vehicle. 2 (context uncountable colloquial Australia New Zealand English) The fee required for such registration. 3 (context countable colloquial Australia New Zealand English) The registration number of a motor vehicle, used by police to access registration details such as the identity of the owner.


Rego may refer to:

Usage examples of "rego".

Torand Rego was the second most well-known pirate in this sector of space, and his cutthroat crew aboard the Hawk was notorious.

Rego had any more orders he wanted to give her, and was startled to see that Rego had disappeared.

Chayara muttered, but the observation did very little to distract her from the fact that Torand Rego would soon be back.

The sound of the hatch sliding back made her turn, and there was Rego himself, stepping into the cabin.

She would not give Rego everything he wanted, not if he tried to bribe her and not even if he hurt her.

For the rest of the first day Rego was mostly out of the ship, meeting with others of the pirates and probably doing more attack planning.

She wondered what else Rego had told his people, then dismissed the point.

The idea that came at sight of the man suggested that it might be a good idea to practice on someone before she tried again to entice Rego, so she walked up to Khar.

The way Rego kept glancing at her seemed to confirm the advice all the way around, so Chayara began to feel a small bit better.

She was given enough time to close two of the buttons on her shirt, but then Rego thrust her shoes at her, took her by the arm, and all but dragged her to the cabin door.

Flash Rego and his mob were supposed to have excellent connections there.

Flash Rego was not being kidded by this change of tactics on the part of the steel manufacturer.

Flash Rego stowed the wad of money carelessly into one of his pockets.

George Anthony was the masked criminal who had hired the Rego mob to steal the alloy powder.

Chayara finally managed to say as she opened her eyes to see Rego where he stood, and then she smiled and put her arms up to him.