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Crossword clues for regals


n. (plural of regal English)

Usage examples of "regals".

The Regals showed by their helpfulness that they had her under close surveillance.

The Regals had carefully kept her faction quarantined in the Syrtis redemption camp.

For one hundred years the Regals of Terraform-Kluster had bombarded the Martian surface with giant chunks of ice.

The Regals were suave and proud of their ability to assimilate refugees and failures.

The Regals favored the young, and they encouraged captive factions to expand their populations widely.

The Regals were proud of their diplomatic ties with the alien Investors, since Investor patronage proved their own vast wealth.

The Regals never publicized any action of theirs that might be construed as a punishment.

The Regals had held them for decades as an objective test of the skills of rival factions.

For the Regals the competitions were closely studied simulations of the future.