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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1952 as a shortening of regulation.


Etymology 1 abbr. 1 regular 2 regulation 3 registrar 4 registration 5 registry Etymology 2

n. (context geography English) A hard surface of rock fragments set in a sandy matrix, found in some hot deserts; regolith, stony desert.


Reg or REG may refer to:

  • Reginald (disambiguation)
  • Reg, another name for desert pavement, a vast stony plain in a desert
  • Raising for Effective Giving, a group of philanthropist poker players
  • Random event generator (parapsychology)
  • Raptor Education Group
  • Regal Entertainment Group
  • Regular language
  • Richard E. Grant, British actor
  • .reg (also known as Registration entries), text-based human-readable files for storing portions of MS Windows registry
  • Registration, such as for a motor vehicle
  • Regina, Latin for Queen, typically on coins or in law
  • Reg, a BBC television drama
  • Reg, a cartoon dog, drawn by Gerald Scarfe, and featured in the concert artwork for Roger Waters' The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking tour
Reg (BBC drama)

Reg is a one-off BBC Television fact-based drama about the campaign by Reg Keys to obtain answers after the death of his son Tom in the Iraq War, by standing in the 2005 General Election as an anti-war independent candidate for MP of Sedgefield, a constituency held by the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

Usage examples of "reg".

Italia and in outlying provinces too, there stood newly erected edifices and lovingly refurbished old ones bearing dedicatory tiles gratefully affixed by the local folk: REG DN THEOD FELIX ROMAE.

If the Apache divi was to be believed, the devil- gan had been seen here frequently, and strange lights reg- ularly passed in and out of the canyon mouth.

I hated Law and Regs, but it was part of continuing education, now that I was a middy on Helsinki.

When they went back to the ship for the night Wisher did not need the regs to tell him to seal the airlock and set the alarm screens.

Hearing the confirming syllable, Tregare signed out, and he and Zelde headed downship considerably faster than safety regs allowed.

And Albrecht Amsel surmounted by singing in the church choir, by not only founding the Bohnsack Athletic Club reg.

As the crates were being unloaded from our van, Reg mentioned the recent dearth of signatures.

The only person we knew at all well there was a warehouseman called Reg Pippett, a committed early swerver if ever there was one.

But the regs say that any world holding life bigger than a bacterium and more complex than a coelenterate requires at least one hands-on survey by a visiting ship.

It is possible that it violates enough regs to merit impoundment quite separately from the issue of its carrier ship.

Reg added his own quota of observation and conclusion, Frances Meadows sat up very straight in her chair.

I heard that he became a butcher, as did Reg Presley from the Troggs, before he gained a temporary reprieve when some nineties band took one of his songs to the top of the charts again and he got some royalties in.

Reg 2 ran over to a lo adie who was still at the heli ramp checking it had closed up correctly.

We can secure the scene, but the regs say nothing about taking personal property from civilians.

Church in Bohnsack on Sundays as a baptized Jew or a baptized Christian, Albrecht Amsel, the dynamic merchant of the Lower Vistula, who, it might be added, was also the broad-shouldered cofounder of the Bohnsack Athletic Club reg.