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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"good, proper, excellent," 1934, jazz slang, from American English dialectal pronunciation of right (adj.).


a. (context Geordie English) right adv. (context Geordie English) right

Usage examples of "reet".

Left, reet, left, reet, powdery snow crunching underfoot, Ginsburg out of step once more and Hornstein unable to beat his drum right because of the ten on each Mr.

East for a time, you know, in the Reet Air Arm he was, and then they switched him back to the Mediterranean.

From the sheet of reet they prised lumps of gold quartz and packed it into baskets to be hauled to the surface on raw-hide ropes.

Her photographic session over, he took her for a drink b the Deux Magots caf6 on Boulevard St Germain, just across the reet from the St Germain church.

Two months after Ed Thomas met his end in a delicate dance of death with 30,000 pounds of rolling doom, on the fateful night of December 10, 1942, while having dinner at the Brown Derby, Clete Reet dining with the suave William Powell and the delightful Myrna Loy, with dancer extraordinaire Fred Astaire and the incomparable Ginger Rogers suddenly sat bolt upright in his chair and swallowed his tongue, whereafter he swallowed his teeth, his lips, his chin, his nose, the remainder of his face and skull, his neck complete with wing collar and black tuxedo tie, his shoulders, both arms, then his torso, his hips, his legs, and his feet, shoes and all, until nothing remained of him but a toothless red pulsing orifice.