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The Reer-Aw-Xassan ( English: People of Hassan) is a clan based in the Hiiraan region of Somalia and along the border between Ethiopia and Somalia. They live in towns such as Buurukur, Ferfer and Abaaley in Somali Region of Ethiopia.Reer-Aw-Xassan members are also found in parts of Kenya like Mandera, and in Southern Somalian towns including Mogadishu, Merca and Kismayo. Some Reer-Aw-Xassan clans would argue that they have no ancestral relationship with the Sheekhaal clan, in stark contrast to the widely held beliefs amongst Somali people. However, a report published and prepared by UNHCR in Somalia lists "Aw Hassan" as part of the larger Sheekhaal clan.