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Redy is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Lidzbark Warmiński, within Lidzbark County, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, in northern Poland. It lies approximately north-west of Lidzbark Warmiński and north of the regional capital Olsztyn.

While traditionally Prussian, with the Second Peace of Thorn in 1466 the area became part of the Kingdom of Poland until 1772; 1772-1945 Kingdom of Prussia and Germany ( East Prussia).

Usage examples of "redy".

Affter we have the mony in hand we will tell you where to find your boy You may have a airplane redy it is about 150 mil awy.

I dint remember she ever called me that before only Charlie so I said hello Miss Kinnian Im redy for my lesin today only I lost my reader that we was using.

Valerian gan faste unto hire swere That for no cas, ne thyng that myghte be, He sholde nevere mo biwreyen here, And thanne at erst to hym thus seyde she, "I have an Aungel which that loveth me, That with greet love, wher so I wake or sleepe, Is redy ay my body for to kepe.

A markys whilom lord was of that lond, As were hise worthy eldres hym bifore, And obeisant and redy to his hond Were alle hise liges, bothe lasse and moore.

  They atatchd thi lenfs ov plastic toobin 2 thi harnis in frunt ov me & that was us redy.