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redolent of

adj. serving to bring to mind; "cannot forbear to close on this redolent literary note"- Wilder Hobson; "a campaign redolent of machine politics" [syn: evocative, redolent, redolent of(p), remindful, reminiscent, reminiscent of(p)]

Usage examples of "redolent of".

The room was redolent of expensive perfume, something spicy and probably from Callows.

The barber's stall, a little box redolent of unguents and pomades, was open at the front, and it was more interesting to gaze out at the sights of the Bazaar.

Compacting her body to conserve warmth, for there was a dank chill draught here, redolent of loathsome decay, she set about giving herself instructions for resistance, even though already a hint of anger colored her thoughts when she remembered Ugant so prosperous in her fine home, so ready to enlist a stranger in her cause.

Nonetheless it had taken a fair while before he persuaded it to eliminate from the cylinder's sealed atmosphere all trace of the pheromones that beset the launch site, redolent of doubt about himself, and he must have overcompensated.

Although redolent of incense, as in Jilly's visions, the air shivered neither with music nor with a tumult of wings.

An Odyssey of the spirit on a scale rarely attempted, this novel is redolent of.

The pillow was thick under her cheek, too, as she put her head down, and soft and redolent of yet more fragrances.

The hand I bring up to my face is redolent of the grave and when I open my mouth I taste the sweet rot rising inside of me.