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Redl may refer to:

  • Redl (surname)
  • Colonel Redl, 1985 drama film
  • Redl-Zipf, V-2 rocket facility
  • Redl-Zipf railway station, railway station in Upper Austria
Redl (surname)

Redl is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alfred Redl (1864–1913), Austrian officer and spy
  • Barbara Redl (born 1968), Austrian actress
  • Doug Redl (born 1956), Canadian football player
  • Erwin Redl (born 1963), Austrian artist
  • Gerhard Redl (born 1962), Austrian bobsledder
  • Mark Redl (born 1993), German footballer
  • Michael Redl (born 1936), German handball player
  • Scott Redl (born 1961), Canadian football player
  • Vlasta Redl, Czech folk musician