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n. 1 The rebroadcasting of a programme; more specifically, the distribution of radio or television transmissions from a single receiver 2 The transmission of radio programs over a cable system


Rediffusion was a business which distributed radio and TV signals through wired relay networks. The business gave rise to a number of other companies, including Associated-Rediffusion, later known as Rediffusion London, one of the first companies to win a terrestrial ITV ( commercial television) franchise in the UK. Rediffusion also spawned a record label, Rediffusion International Music, in 1968. Redifon was the name used until 1981 for companies in the capital goods businesses of Rediffusion, viz. Redifon Computers, Redifon Flight Simulation and Redifon Telecommunications.

Rediffusion (disambiguation)

Rediffusion may refer to

  • Rediffusion, a business which distributed radio and television signals through wired relay networks
  • A number of companies which derived their names from Rediffusion:
    • Rediffusion London, a UK TV broadcaster formerly known as Associated Rediffusion
    • Rediffusion Television, a Hong Kong broadcaster
    • Rediffusion Simulation, a manufacturer of flight simulators