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REDi (pronounced red-eye) is a three-member urban pop ensemble from the United States. Formed in 2012, founding members included singer-songwriter Robby Blackwell, Grammy-nominated songwriter Rob. A, producer and songwriter Redwine, and actor/rapper Aundrus Poole. The group made their debut performance at SXSW, releasing their mix-tape Red Pill in late 2012.

Redi (crater)

Redi Crater is an impact crater in the Hellas quadrangle of the planet Mars, located at 60.6°S latitude and 267.3°W longitude. The crater is 62.0 km in diameter and was named after Francesco Redi; the name was approved in 1973. Redi Crater shows a thick mantle. Parts of it are eroded, revealing the thickness of the mantle layer.