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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Redden \Red"den\ (r?d"d'n), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Reddened (-d'nd); p. pr. & vb. n. Reddening.] [From Red,

  1. ] To make red or somewhat red; to give a red color to.


n. The action or effect of the verb '''to redden'''. vb. (present participle of redden English)

Usage examples of "reddening".

High-tides, and spell-raising more than enough, and such like things, even to the reddening of the doom-rings with the blood of men and of women, yea, and of babes: from such things their priests cannot withhold them.

Or how were it if the torch were even now drawing nigh to the High House of Upmeads: yea, or if the very House were shining as a dreary candle of the meadows, and reddening the waters of the ford!

As the bitter wind continued to blow down the street, Riggs pulled up the collar of his overcoat, took a knit cap emblazoned with the Washington Redskins logo from his pocket, and pulled it tightly over his head so that only the lower part of his reddening face was visible.

Whitney found herself reddening under his bold, tactile stare and his very personal taunt.

A spear of excitement shot through his loins at the proximity of her reddening lips, her flashing eyes and soft breasts.

He drew back on his shoulder to look at her and turned her reddening face back to his.

The slowly reddening eyes lifted and tried to focus on the crisp, handsome features.

Whistler chuckled to himself at this response as he brought the flute to his eye and peered along it, swinging it slowly across the reddening horizon.

An endearing flush traveled along her skin, reddening the timid expression on her face.

The large paddle kissed the naked spheres of flesh vehemently, scalding and reddening them instantly.

Swish, swish, swish: Susie lashed his bottom with her suspender belt, scoring the cheeks with sharp, reddening stripes.

Swish, swipe: the thin cane swept down across his naked cheeks, slicing them with cruel accuracy and leaving the yoked sufferer with two reddening stripes.

Annette echoed the increasing excitement, applying the bamboo more rapidly across the reddening bottom.

The punishing lashes left reddening stripes where the wood whipped the flesh.

Madame dominated the soft cheeks with her spanking hand, searing their curved flesh mercilessly and reddening them rapidly.