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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Redde \Red"de\ (-de), obs. imp. of Read, or Rede.

Usage examples of "redde".

The wal equally interposite betwixt Columne, and Columne was of most blacke stone, of an extreame hardnes and shining, incloystered about and bordered with a conuenient border of Diasper redde as Coral, adorned with a Lyneament and worke of double Gurgules or Verticules.

That is a fine report on a minister of God, and it will want some redding up, Mr.

Certes this dream, which ye have mette tonight, Cometh of the great supefluity Of youre rede cholera,* pardie, *bile Which causeth folk to dreaden in their dreams Of arrows, and of fire with redde beams, Of redde beastes, that they will them bite, Of conteke,* and of whelpes great and lite.