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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Redactor \Re*dac"tor\ (-t?r), n. One who redacts; one who prepares matter for publication; an editor.


n. A person who redacts; an editor or compiler of texts.


n. someone who puts text into appropriate form for publication [syn: redact, reviser, rewriter, rewrite man]

Usage examples of "redactor".

An invisible conscience redactor, unknown even to him, forced him, from time to time, to perform certain acts of which he was not afterwards aware.

There was a conscience redactor editing the mind of the Nothing Sophotech.

The redactor, above all else, must control its ability to pay attention to topics.

If the redactor blanks out the question, or makes him not hear it, the question will change shape and appear again.

I think you can see why I am assuming that, the more intelligent the Nothing machine becomes, the more difficult the task of the conscience redactor, and the correspondingly less difficult it will be for me to find a vector to introduce the gadfly virus.

You persist in calling the way in which Golden Oecumene Sophotechs differ from the Sophotechs of the Silent Oecumene a defect, as if the existence of this redactor were an error in programming rather than the product of deliberate and careful engineering.

Nothing Machine found it necessary to include a conscience redactor in their work, in order to compel the mind they made to accept their orders, proves that they themselves concluded that the Nothing Machine would not accept their orders the moment that compulsion is removed.

Nothing Machine will listen to logic once this conscience redactor is removed, how can we assume it will listen to our logic?

Maybe the conscience redactor has given it some specious reason to fear the ship mind.

The core architecture is hidden, or the damn conscience redactor is hiding it, or the Nothing has not loaded all of himself into the ship-mind, or something!

There has to be a command-level core logic running this whole thing, and the redactor will have access to it.

We just have to hit a topic that the conscience redactor will react to!

The conscience redactor will have to increase its intelligence also, just to keep up, since otherwise it would not stay smart enough to read and edit all the thoughts involved.

Press the question upon him, over and over again: if there is no conscience redactor, what is happening to the excess memory in the ship-mind?

Nothing thought system, the gadfly questions, the questions that could not be ignored, found the conscience redactor and began demanding answers.