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Usage examples of "rect".

This axiom enables us to compare the lengths of any two segments either respectively on parallel rects or on the same rect.

The axiom asserts that the rect joining the two event-particles of intersection of the diagonals is parallel to the rect on which the bases lie.

Any two event-particles on a rect define the set of event-particles which lie between them on that rect.

Accordingly we can think of rects and levels as merely loci of event-particles.

In perception when we see things moving in an approximation to an instantaneous space, the future lines of motion as immediately perceived are rects which are never traversed.

These approximate rects are composed of small events, namely approximate routes and event-particles, which are passed away before the moving objects reach them.

Assuming that our forecasts of rectilinear motion are correct, these rects occupy the straight lines in timeless space which are traversed.

Thus the rects are symbols in immediate sense-awareness of a future which can only be expressed in terms of timeless space.

In parallelograms of the second type one pair of parallel sides is a pair of rects and the other pair is a pair of point-tracks.

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