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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Recomfort \Re*com"fort\ (r?*k?m"f?rt), v. t. [Pref. re- + comfort: cf. F. r['e]conforter.] To comfort again; to console anew; to give new strength to.

Gan her recomfort from so sad affright.


vb. (label en transitive now rare) To console (someone); to comfort, look after.

Usage examples of "recomfort".

And ever the Witches were put aback and lost much ground, yet ever the Lord Corund by his great valiance and noble heart recomforted his folk, so that they gave back very slowly, most bloodily disputing the ground foot by foot to the bridge-gate, that they also might win in again, so many as might.

Much was he moued with her piteous plight,And low dismounting from his loftie steede,Gan to recomfort her all that he might,Seeking to driue away deepe rooted dreede,With hope of helpe in that her greatest neede.

But he endeuoured with speeches mildeHer to recomfort, and accourage bold,Bidding her feare no more her foeman vilde,Nor doubt himselfe.