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vb. (context transitive English) To comb again.

Usage examples of "recomb".

Megan went with her, the rest of the bridesmaids graciously giving them a few minutes alone together as Elizabeth changed into her baby-pink wool suit and recombed her hair.

My hair, recombed, fell naturally again into its usual shapely BBC cut.

When her work was done, her face washed, her arms rinsed of lather, her hair combed and recombed, her voice called out, singing my name.

After quickly recombing his hair and twirling his mustache, he looked no different from the Demivolt Stencil had last seen in '99.

Back to the bathroom, where I wet and recombed my hair I was reaching for dental floss when the phone rang.

We got word that she is this moment sitting in a French detention center while those gentlemen of Froggish inclination comb and recomb her luggage.