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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a new/recent migrant
▪ Some of the recent migrants have returned to their homes as the fighting finished.
a recent discovery
▪ the recent discovery of frozen water on the moon
a recent immigrant
▪ The majority of workers at the factory are recent immigrants.
a recent phenomenon
▪ Detailed food labelling is a fairly recent phenomenon.
a recent/new survey
▪ According to a recent survey, students buy an average of 11.33 books a year for their courses.
a recent/new trend
▪ He wrote an article attacking many recent trends in education.
current/recent estimates (=ones that are accepted now)
▪ According to current estimates, the country can expect 200,000 visitors in the next three years.
in recent months
▪ He had started to drink heavily in recent months.
in recent years
▪ The number of cases has risen dramatically in recent years.
latest/new/recent addition
▪ the latest addition to our designer range
of recent origin (=having started to exist only a short time ago)
▪ This particular theory is of very recent origin.
recent events
▪ Recent events in the country have caused great concern.
recent/modern/contemporary history
▪ The country’s recent history is powerfully told in this film.
the recent past
▪ The optimistic economic climate of the recent past has gone.
▪ Since then those lines have been undergoing separate evolution, giving rise to yet further, more recent branches.
▪ The inference had been widely accepted, until a more recent experiment.
▪ Methodism is represented by a first building dated 1897 and a more recent and well-supported church, both in Willerby Square.
▪ What about physical understandings of more recent origin?
▪ Significantly, more recent housing in the same development has been constructed without either high-rise building or segregated traffic arrangements.
▪ Intricate workmanship is apparent in the examples of Hopi coiled baskets from about 1900 and more recent times.
▪ Two more recent bogus defectors were Oleg Bitov and Vitali Yurchenko.
▪ Even more recent statistics may be biased, she continues.
▪ AONBs have been designated since 1956, the most recent in 1983.
▪ The most recent road circuits the northern coast of the Applecross peninsula and branches from the Lochcarron road outside Shieldaig.
▪ Both companies reported strong financial results for their most recent quarter.
▪ The most recent attempt was made by the Labour government in the late Sixties.
▪ The Supreme Court, in its most recent decision, barred school officials from arranging prayers at graduation ceremonies.
▪ The most recent and comprehensive of these relationships was the Lib-Lab Pact of 1977-79.
▪ One of the most recent victims to be found was Ignacio Camacho, 43, a crewman aboard the Iliana.
▪ Mr Kinnock is a relatively recent convert to revisionism.
▪ The concept of walking around looking somewhere between medium-rare and well-done is relatively recent.
▪ The direct impact of improving health in later life has been relatively recent.
▪ That has been so, at least, until relatively recent times.
▪ It is only in relatively recent years that two sexes have been recognized in ammonoid species.
▪ In any event it seems likely that language is a relatively recent development in the human species.
▪ The concept of aggression, however, is of relatively recent origin.
▪ The relatively recent outbreak of street violence and protests largely reflect the frustration of young people unable to find jobs.
▪ It is our most recent addition to this popular range of disks which are being ordered by new users of Windows 3.1.
▪ Most recent addition, a full-size SE.5A was unveiled on August 11.
▪ Hopefully, the recent addition of a young Limousin bull will help us mop up stragglers next spring.
▪ The John Hewitt library and the Francis Stuart archive of literary manuscripts are recent additions.
▪ A recent addition to the locomotive working stud is Derby built Fowler Class 4F, No. 4422.
▪ The most recent addition is a beautiful Chapel of the Knights of the Thistle.
▪ Gilbey was the main source for the recent book on Diana.
▪ In her recent book, Gender Play.
▪ Beverley Halstead has admirably avoided these pitfalls in his most recent book, which I find delightful.
▪ As the joint author of a recent book on the regiment explains.
▪ Daddy Dearest Two daughters look at their less-than-stellar fathers in these recent books.
▪ Three recent books help shed some light on the centuries-long evolution of Mariology, the branch of theology that studies Mary.
▪ The commission referred to a recent case decided by the Law Lords.
▪ But three recent cases are piquing our interest, and analysts say they may signal new and more venal form of corruption.
▪ The need for the regulation of financial institutions is recognised, particularly given recent cases of fraud.
▪ More recent cases demonstrate how the courts generally point to a number of factors in deeming incompetency.
▪ One recent case provides a good example of unlawful appeal procedure.
▪ Consider a recent case involving Allstate Corp.
▪ A recent case, where a woman was murdered for her dowry, was registered by police as suicide.
▪ The other recent cases were also significant.
▪ This pattern has not been altered by recent changes in village life.
▪ The recent changes in Community Care are designed to give more people the chance to live independent lives.
▪ Or are they reflecting growing disaffection among scientists with recent changes in their profession?
▪ No recent change in status is apparent, except that some decline in autumn passage may have occurred.
▪ No recent change in status is apparent.
▪ Let's go through some of the more recent changes.
▪ There have been many recent changes in government intervention programmes causing damaging uncertainty.
▪ For example, may consist of just and a the most recent changes in the short and long rates.
▪ The Lancaster County district attorney had been looking uncomfortable in recent days.
▪ Airline stocks also have been weak in recent days because of investor worries the East Coast blizzard will trim earnings.
▪ But nobody at Westminster in recent days has failed to notice Messrs Clarke and Heseltine looking very pleased with themselves.
▪ The war of nerves between police and the barricaded guerrillas has escalated in recent days.
▪ This is the question which, in recent days, has been preoccupying the Supreme Court.
▪ Darr insists, however, that his group lagged behind the opposition, Concerned Citizens for Metro Nashville, until recent days.
▪ And while the water has receded in recent days, some sections of the road remain flooded.
▪ Gore has been rehearsing his role as the Democrats' chief Republican critic during a series of public appearances in recent days.
▪ I would like to end by asking what lessons can be drawn from the successes and the disappointments of recent decades.
▪ The basic education level of the general population has risen dramatically in recent decades.
▪ Solar changes were the main cause from 1750 to 1850, but the greenhouse effect has been dominant in recent decades.
▪ But despite all the advancements in recent decades, computers are only now beginning to realize their potential.
▪ First, the economic circumstances of poor families have worsened relative to the rest of the population in recent decades.
▪ Fundamentalist religious groups have increased their power in Ulster in recent decades, especially the free presbyterians.
▪ This is the approach on which most of the effort - and the money - has been spent in recent decades.
▪ Furthermore, food productivity has been buoyant throughout the recent decades.
▪ Many recent developments have resulted from the demands of large users wanting more from their fryers.
▪ And recent developments have stoked the fires of Cooperstown conversation.
▪ Assessment frameworks: recent developments An assessment framework is a structure to which any test item can be related.
▪ But the most recent development is Tel-me.
▪ Our resorts, in the quieter bays of the Bodrum Peninsula, are little affected by recent developments.
▪ It is this second period of affluence which sets the level against which recent developments have to be set.
▪ This idea of the service city is very well illustrated by recent developments in housing in and around North Shields.
▪ This would provide a summary of recent developments in the various branches of psychology and related fields.
▪ Given the recent events in Orkney and elsewhere, promoting social work as a caring profession must restore faith in its activities.
▪ You can not tell by recent events and prognostications.
▪ And recent events hadn't helped much, either.
▪ But recent events work against his goal.
▪ And recent events suggest that nonconformist borrowers are still being short-changed.
▪ But now, with recent events, this was what she could have instead.
▪ Was he hurt or ill or even, given recent events, overcome by grief and distress?
▪ The conquest of air by living organisms is a relatively recent event, and one not yet completed.
▪ A recent example is the termination of the B-1 bomber in favor of the cruise missile.
▪ For a recent example of a successful challenge see R. v. H.M.
▪ A recent example is the 11-month campaign against the banned spiritual sect, Falun Gong.
▪ The manifestations of the most recent example can be followed in the pages of the education press.
▪ Towards the end of each I will describe a recent example of a person who lived and suffered in such a way.
▪ Mori recent history is commemorated by the town's most prominent statue.
▪ If the Raiders were truly feeble, devoid of talent, then their recent history might be understandable.
▪ Here discoveries are exhibited which send back all recent history to the level of a prehistory.
▪ Bush was probably more upset by leaks than any president in recent history.
▪ It was natural enough that those who knew Smart's recent history should look for evidence of his recent condition.
▪ This destiny, however, is created entirely by recent history.
▪ Cultural predisposition Recognition that cultural pressures on women to diet contribute to anorexia nervosa has had a fairly recent history.
▪ The concluding part of the chapter reviews the recent history of management reform.
▪ In a recent interview the rather eccentric group claimed to be the disciples of David Icke.
▪ Hamas leaders had said in recent interviews that they would claim victory if turnout was lower than 50 percent.
▪ She was also uncomfortable at times during recent interviews.
▪ Macias said in a recent interview from his new home in San Diego Country Estates.
▪ In recent interviews, representatives on each side claimed to have been outspent.
▪ Keller, in a recent interview, asserted that the work had been done, and by the people listed as participants.
▪ The political campaign degenerated into the ugliest in recent memory.
▪ Just a plate of moist, fluffy eggs mixed with bits of some of the tastiest, juiciest ham of recent memory.
▪ This evening will be like none other in recent memory.
▪ Brown is the first mayor in recent memory to suggest cutting the General Assistance stipend.
▪ The fans chanted his name for the first time in recent memory.
▪ These two are destined for one another-and fated to deliver one of the worst scripts in recent memory.
▪ The caribou have left Maine within recent memory, and extensive spruce-fir forests remain only in northern Maine.
▪ In recent months they have begun to tear loose from this platform.
▪ His high profile in recent months and obvious bid for the party presidency have amounted to nothing.
▪ They've written several articles in recent months warning of Land Travel's plight.
▪ New stock - both antique and contemporary - has been purchased at auction and privately in recent months.
▪ Much attention has been given in recent months to the provision of accommodation for nurses.
▪ About 40 stags are reported to have disappeared in recent months.
▪ In recent months foreigners have accounted for almost half of daily trading.
▪ In recent months he accepted his increasing illness with an admirable fortitude and resignation.
▪ In recent months they have begun to tear loose from this platform.
▪ The most violent fighting of recent months flared in several West Bank areas.
▪ As the recent months had passed, and as Louise had sickened, he felt the guilt more frequently.
▪ In recent months, Milhoan has written lengthy rebuttals to senior Navy officials in hopes of overturning his dismissal.
▪ Perhaps the increase in inflation in recent months is merely a blip?
▪ Caesar Belli, a longtime partner in the firm, alleged in recent months that his father was incompetent.
▪ There have been clashes between republicans and loyalists in recent months.
▪ None the less, Viacom has suffered a few rocky moments in recent months.
▪ Both polar regions show evidence of more extensive glaciation in the recent past.
▪ No doubt, this decision was influenced by another event of the recent past, the Geneva Convention in 1954.
▪ Much of the interest in the recent past in job enrichment programmes has sprung from this and other work by Herzberg.
▪ But the pessimistic climate of the recent past is gone.
▪ In a number of instances, actual boundary stones remain, or have been recorded in the recent past.
▪ Salmonella poisoning has received considerable publicity in the recent past.
▪ Devlin confirms that story, adding he began looking at recent past orders from Scott Supply.
▪ Two recent polls showed he would draw more than 20 percent of the vote in a national election.
▪ Two in five are dissatisfied with how much they weigh, according to a recent poll.
▪ Only 19% of western schoolchildren, according to a recent poll, want to make contacts with eastern pupils.
▪ He added that a recent poll by the Pew Research Center reported that 69 percent of parents found the new ratings helpful.
▪ During a recent poll, more than 80 percent said they were racist.
▪ The recent poll indicated that if retired Gen.
▪ If this measure could indeed alienate Latinos, why do several recent polls show overwhelming support from Latinos for dismantling bilingual education?
▪ A recent poll of Vanguard fund holders on their knowledge of mutual funds revealed that only 16 percent registered a passing score.
▪ In the nick of time: according to one recent report 80 out of 92 league clubs are technically insolvent.
▪ Hamilton who authored a recent report on international drug-industry investment.
▪ Copies of the most recent report for the year ending 31 March are in the Library.
▪ On the contrary, recent reports link such a diet to reduced risk of heart attack and colon cancer.
▪ Moreover, in contrast with a recent report, no cases of conversion to a high grade lymphoma were observed.
▪ The recent report that presynaptic mGlu receptors employ phosphoinositide-derived signals as a positive feedback mechanism to enhance glutamate release is particularly interesting.
▪ A recent report by Thamesdown Borough Council suggested there were at least 1800 homeless people in Swindon.
▪ Our results are consistent with a recent report that visual neglect can apply to the contralateral side of objects.
▪ Nevertheless, recent research indicates that the body is designed for at least one afternoon nap per day.
▪ The major thrust of this recent research has been in four directions.
▪ This atomistic, medical model of language is simply not supported by more recent research in language and cognition.
▪ If anything recent research suggests that lead isn't as horrid in its effects as the extremists in the anti-lead movement claim.
▪ We leave the more recent research which has challenged their findings to the following chapter.
▪ This has been borne out to an extent by recent research into teacher stress.
▪ The group's recent research has led to a general policy optimization framework for large macroeconomic models.
▪ In recent studies, however, we have shown that methane production is more important than previously believed.
▪ One recent study concluded: These days, some truckers are more inclined to sport white collars than tank tops.
▪ Furthermore, recent studies from this laboratory have shown that experimental ethanol administration increases the fragility of rat pancreatic lysosomes.
▪ Inherent musical sense Several recent studies have credited infants with an inherent musical sense, without measuring related brain development.
▪ Moreover. these strands have persisted through to more recent studies of policy-making.
▪ Neither he nor his aides refuted a recent study suggesting that the bill would push 2. 6 million people into poverty.
▪ In fact several recent studies have shown that up to 15% of defective items have passed unnoticed in a 100% inspection.
▪ The processes involved in the transformation of the earth sciences world-view are documented in recent studies by Legrand and Stewart.
▪ According to a recent survey, one in four new borrowers takes out unemployment insurance, double the number of three years ago.
▪ A recent survey found only three out of ten women started a business of the same type they had worked in previously.
▪ In a recent survey, finance directors were asked what change they would most like to see in corporate governance.
▪ A recent survey marked the environment as voters' fourth priority, narrowly behind education, health and jobs.
▪ Wall Street expected 84 cents a share, according to a recent survey of 11 analysts by Zacks.
▪ One group took the same path as the sea slugs did in more recent times and lost their shells altogether.
▪ Such issues have paralyzed some Protestant churches in recent times.
▪ Until recent times cobbles ran down the main street.
▪ This submerged everything, until in recent times it was in turn submerged in the bitter and prolonged conflicts of decolonization.
▪ The parson's high social standing in the community remained until recent times.
▪ Neighbors said in recent times Flor was becoming more forgetful.
▪ In recent times, the argument for determinism has been based on science.
▪ In recent times blondness has been associated with sexiness, wealth, fun, luxury and glamour.
▪ The recent trend toward cognitive approaches to metaphor provides a means of formalizing such a conception.
▪ In Britain, for example, there is no excuse for not knowing recent trends in the cost of living.
▪ The focus on households with children reflects recent trends in economic welfare in Britain.
▪ It is more of a walk through the literature and recent trends.
▪ Historical documentation suggests that /a/ backing is a recent trend.
▪ However, recent trends in farming practice have made agriculture even more incompatible with uncontrolled recreation.
▪ The recent trend is to de-emphasize the classical dichotomy.
▪ During a recent visit he was mobbed by autograph hunters.
▪ Oil a recent visit, I checked the undersides of the branches of five-hundred-year-old hemlock trees hanging across a creek.
▪ We are still drying them out from a recent visit to the laundry.
▪ My most recent visit produced a sloughed skin threaded through the turf.
▪ But Sadat did not let those memories paralyze her, she recalled in a recent visit here.
▪ The recent visit to the Smolensk station came from the 1992 budget.
▪ But be prepared to entertain yourself: The expensively appointed restaurant usually is subdued and was deathly quiet on a recent visit.
▪ It also serves as a useful means of relieving stress through review of recent weeks.
▪ Cambridge have slipped back in recent weeks.
▪ The Mirror has been beset in recent weeks with rumours and reports that it was about to be taken over.
▪ People noticed Chris's appearance had deteriorated in recent weeks.
▪ In recent weeks attacks on pensioners like mr bishop have escalated.
▪ In recent weeks, drugs squad officers have seized quantities of crack cocaine in Gloucester and Stroud.
▪ Twice in recent weeks I have asked John Bryan if he is having an affair with Fergie.
▪ It also serves as a useful means of relieving stress through review of recent weeks.
▪ Diplomatic pressure to remove Karadzic has been increasing in recent weeks out of fear that he could undermine the elections.
▪ In recent weeks attacks on pensioners like mr bishop have escalated.
▪ But Yeltsin has met with only a handful of people in recent weeks, including Chernomyrdin and chief of staff Anatoly Chubais.
▪ In recent weeks the two groups had buried their differences to stage joint armed protests across the country.
▪ Other candidates also have increased their criticism of Forbes in recent weeks.
▪ Signs that the economy is slowing after years of expansion has weighed on stocks in recent weeks.
▪ But recent work has revealed that adenosine is much more than mere cellular exhaust.
▪ Indeed, the results of very recent work reveal two interesting parallels with the conclusions reached about the psychotic illnesses themselves.
▪ He also shows more recent work which takes the form, somewhat unexpectedly, of meditations on the slatted window blind.
▪ Just as Batman had Robin, you may have an assistant who can manage something a little more advanced than recent work.
▪ The playing has a freedom and spontaneity sometimes lacking in his recent work.
▪ More muted in palette than Adam's recent work, they have yet the same characteristic richness of evocation.
▪ Those of the first category, including a recent work by the Carmelite monk Foscarini, were to be destroyed.
▪ Jean Packman concludes by showing that new policy embodied in future legislation owes something to child care research studies in recent years.
▪ Mr Schwartz has received considerable praise in recent years for his acumen in building Loral through a series of strategic acquisitions.
▪ In recent years the role of government establishments in defence research has declined and the involvement of industrial firms has increased.
▪ Too many times in recent years a handful of judges has manipulated interpretations and denied guarantees to all the citizens.
▪ In recent years, there is some evidence of decline in class identifications and in the correlation between class and party.
▪ They offer one of the most intriguing views of the earth to emerge in recent years.
▪ In recent years, especially since 1982, a number of countries have developed very serious international debt problems.
▪ There have been a number of large-scale inner-city riots in recent years.
of recent vintage
▪ Most restrictive abortion laws in the U.S. are of relatively recent vintage.
▪ a recent poll of voters
▪ A recent report said that small amounts of alcohol are good for the health.
▪ A recent study of Open University graduates found that students aged 60 - 65 had better results than any other age group.
▪ Anything that happened after World War II is too recent to be considered "history."
▪ He hadn't completely recovered from his recent illness.
▪ The recent movie version of the book was not a big success.
▪ The team returned to a heroes' welcome after their recent success in the European Championships.
▪ There will be an exhibition of his most recent work at the Tate Gallery, starting this Saturday.
▪ At Darthea Speyer until the end of next month the recent drawings of Lionel Guibout are on show.
▪ Doctors had advised Mrs Menzies not to attend the trial, following her recent release from hospital.
▪ Eccleshall also finds backing here from one of the recent histories of the late Victorian and Edwardian Conservative Party.
▪ In recent years, Hillcrest has become a center for festivals attracting people from throughout the region.
▪ It also asks about their work, their educational qualifications, and whether they have moved house in recent years.
▪ More recent bands are cashing in on the couch craze.
▪ Pessimistic early predictions seem to be confirmed by more recent data.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Recent \Re"cent\ (r[=e]"sent), a. [L. recens, -entis: cf. F. r['e]cent.]

  1. Of late origin, existence, or occurrence; lately come; not of remote date, antiquated style, or the like; not already known, familiar, worn out, trite, etc.; fresh; novel; new; modern; as, recent news.

    The ancients were of opinion, that a considerable portion of that country [Egypt] was recent, and formed out of the mud discharged into the neighboring sea by the Nile.

  2. (Geol.) Of or pertaining to the present or existing epoch; as, recent shells.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., from Latin recentem (nominative recens) "lately done or made, new, fresh, young," from re- (see re-) + PIE root *ken- (2) "fresh, new, young" (cognates: Greek kainos "new;" Sanskrit kanina- "young;" Old Irish cetu- "first;" Old Church Slavonic načino "to begin," koni "beginning"). Related: Recently; recentness (1670s, but OED reports recency (1610s) was "Common in 19th c.").


a. Having happened a short while ago.

  1. adj. being new in a time not long past; "recent graduates"; "a recent addition to the house"; "recent buds on the apple trees"

  2. of the immediate past or just previous to the present time; "a late development"; "their late quarrel"; "his recent trip to Africa"; "in recent months"; "a recent issue of the journal" [syn: late(a)]

  3. near to or not long before the present; "recent times"; "of recent origin"

Usage examples of "recent".

The siege on Glenn Abies is just one phase of a series of strategic federal assassinations, beginning with the murder of Order founder Robert Matthews and including the recent massacre at Waco.

She was already acquainted with most of my recent adventures, but I knew nothing at all about hers, and she entertained me with a recital of them for five or six hours.

He justly observes, that in the recent changes, both religions had been alternately disgraced by the seeming acquisition of worthless proselytes, of those votaries of the reigning purple, who could pass, without a reason, and without a blush, from the church to the temple, and from the altars of Jupiter to the sacred table of the Christians.

In doses of from twenty to sixty drops of the fluid extract, administered in a cup of warm water or herb-tea on going to bed, we have found it very effectual for breaking up recent colds.

Upon this subject, then, I will only say, that the present state of the law shall be carefully examined, and the propriety of adopting any proceedings with reference to the recent assumption of power deliberately considered.

The piece was original Garriston, composed in the afterglow of their recent lovemaking.

Around us the afterwork social scene whirled in a montage of pastel neckties and white pantyhose and perfume and cologne and cocktails, and talk of StairMasters and group therapy and recent movies.

The persecution of the Imperial family, to which Theodosius himself had been indebted for his fortune, was now aggravated by recent and repeated injuries.

But all the recent data shows that ginkgo offers no better protection from the effects of aging than a placebo.

Neither Joe Aldehyde nor the Rani had told him of this most recent rebuff.

I considered having him killed, but with all the publicity surrounding the algorithm and all his recent claims about TRANSLTR, we would be prime suspects.

They were all of immigrant ancestors, and most of them of most recent immigrant ancestry, or of foreign birth.

His recent experience with Jeena was making him realize that he, as an Animist, could only expect trouble from true magists.

This is quite a bit more recent than the Early Pleistocene date originally ascribed to the Piltdown fossils, but it is still anomalously old for a skull of the fully human type in England.

But the recent barrage of his name and photo by the media had suddenly made him protective of the anonymity he had grown accustomed to since returning to his home state of Washington.