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vb. To break again.

Usage examples of "rebreak".

Not that his days of fancy aerobatics would be over, but having his wing-bones rebroken and reset would be very unpleasant.

His jaw, which has somehow healed in spite of the nightly binges, rebreaks in three of the original four places.

In doing so, I apparently rebroke my collarbone and passed out from the pain.

He tried to run and his leg rebroke under him and he crawled up the ragged slope to the roadbed where it was happening.

I thought maybe the knee had been compromised all over again, and I thought maybe one of the slaps had rebroken the cheekbone.

I had bred, broken, and rebroken uncountable race horses in Australia, but Sparking Plug was the only good one I had so far ridden in England, and I was interested to see how he compared.

He reached down and picked up a small twig from the duff of the forest floor, began breaking it and rebreaking it, reducing the twig to bits of wood.