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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

abbreviation of rebel (n.), 1862, in U.S. Civil War context.


n. A Confederate soldier.

Reb (Yiddish)

Reb is a Yiddish honorific traditionally used for Orthodox Jewish men. It is not a rabbinic title; it is the equivalent of the English "mister". In writing it is abbreviated as ר׳. It may also be a short form of Rebbe.


Reb or REB may refer to:

Usage examples of "reb".

Beyond that, if you want to hear me spout Reb cant back to you, I can.

For that scene Denice ended up in a Reb uniform covered with photosensitive patches.

TrueBreed, sixteen years old, one of the second wave of a small group of genies produced by an ongoing Johnny Reb genegineering project.

French honorifics in use throughout the System were some Reb badge of membership.

Summers knew there were Reb craft in the vicinity, resupplying the Japanese cyborgs who had taken over the laser cannon.

Another beam widened out to something the width of a basketball, and the Reb waved it over the missiles.

The rifles would not actually fire until one of the several thousand authorized core members of the Claw or Reb activated them.

The Reb officer turned slightly to his right, to look at what had happened.

Those Reb and the Claw left alive have lost nine in ten of their comrades, and they are consumed with hatred.

Nellie wondered if it was the Reb, too impatient to wait for eleven-thirty.

The next event of significance, the morning after our arrival at Top Step, was my first class with Reb Hawkins-roshi.

But Reb was a genuinely mindful man: he was aware Robert and I were the last ones coming, and the moment we had ourselves securely anchored to one of the ubiquitous bungee cords, he bowed to the group-somehow without disturbing his position in space-and began to speak.

Just take your time and listen to what Reb tells you, and everything will be fine.

I said as much to Reb one day during class, sometime during the first week.

Starmind, as Reb called it, the telepathic community I was proposing to join, did not discriminate against people I considered idiots.