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Regardless of whom the goo uc pieces e onge to, y a ear reat ing easier.

Open, first round, against one Ross Reat, of Maddox OH and the just-opened Enfield Tennis Academy.

Pawasar Pawasar Ras and Aissur Aissur Rus spoke for the Foitani from Odern, Solut Mek Kem and a colleague named Nogal Ryn Nyr for the GReat Ones, and Voskop W Wurd and his chief aide Yulvot L Reat for the Foitani from Rof Golan.

I thought all that jockeying about was Reaten and Horeb trying to impress me with fancy flying, and having no luck at it.

I'm for a cool swim first, in the Atet pool, and perhaps after that I'll feel less like strangling Reaten, then finding Horeb, ripping off his arm, and beating him to death with it.

But the inquiry proved that Horeb was not as much to blame for the incident as Reaten was.