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Usage examples of "reas".

Even Reas the bonder himself, who had many a time flogged him for his disobedience and idleness, and who now watched him riding downward to the ships, did not recognize his former bondslave in the handsome and gaily attired young warrior.

Then Sigurd gave Reas the two silver marks in payment of his purchase, and urged his horse to a quick walk, dragging Olaf behind him.

Had Reas exacted an hundred gold marks instead of two paltry marks of silver, I should willingly have given him them.

That Elayne was Daughter-Heir produced none, though that was a high position among the wetlanders, and that she was Green Ajah and Nynaeve Yellow received sniffs from Nesta din Reas and sharp looks from the spindly old man.

Nesta din Reas directed a stare at her that reminded Aviendha of Sorilea.

She faced Nesta din Reas, but she addressed everyone, perhaps especially the Windfinder.

The words were too low to hear, but Nesta din Reas emphasized everything she said with a finger driven like a spear, Elayne had her chin so high she seemed to be looking down her nose, and if Nynaeve for once was managing to keep her face calm, she seemed to be trying to climb her own braid.

Nesta din Reas Two Moons, she would be sending the lot of them to fetch and carry.