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Can you tell me how the Indian fakir can make himself to die and have been buried, and his grave sealed and corn sowed on it, and the corn reaped and be cut and sown and reaped and cut again, and then men come and take away the unbroken seal and that there lie the Indian fakir, not dead, but that rise up and walk amongst them as before?

Jesse was one of the few who had called attention to the imbalance, and finally, eyeing the wealth reaped by the wily Hoskanners, the other nobles agitated for a piece of the action.

Not too high by any means in the light of what has been accomplished in 73 years, but there was a long row to hoe first, and few of the pioneers reaped the prizes.

Obliged to rise before daybreak, by turns shop-boy, clerk, and laborer, he was made to bear alone all the work of a trade of which his master reaped all the profits.

Whoever eats the bread that another has reaped and kneaded, is under an obligation to his brother, and cannot say he owes him nothing in return.

God had marked out my road--a ground where I had reaped the harvest I had sown.

Blaise and Denis, the twins, now already fourteen years of age, reaped prize after prize at school, putting their younger brother, Ambroise, slightly to shame, for his quick and ingenious mind was often busy with other matters than his lessons.

All the food needed for a great nation will be reaped there when cultivation is practised with a little courage and a little science, for it is still a virgin kingdom such as the good river created it, thousands of years ago.

I now reaped the reward of my wisdom in providing one article which is not mentioned in any book of Alpine adventure but this.

You sow, you that for long have reaped disdain, Lie barren at the doorway of the brain, Let stout contention drive deep furrows, blood Moisten, and make new channels of its flood!

For this is but the natural harvest reaped From labors such as mine when blessed by God.

Yea, were it otherwise--had you not reaped The fruit of your own works, she had not suffered.

He has the sugar of his tea spread out on the window sill, and is reaping quite a harvest of flies.

Where corn begins to fall, Where reapers are reaping, reaping one, reaping all.

The hum of the reaping machine first awoke the echoes in our wheatfields.