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Reade is a surname of English origin, and may refer to:

  • Brian Reade, a British journalist
  • Charles Reade, an English novelist
  • Charles Reade (town planner)
  • Duane Reade, an American drugstore
  • Edwin Godwin Reade, an American politician
  • Herbert Taylor Reade, a Canadian military surgeon
  • Joseph Bancroft Reade, an English photographic pioneer
  • Nicholas Stewart Reade, former Bishop of Blackburn
  • Paul Reade, an English composer
  • Shanaze Reade, a British professional BMX rider
  • Walter Reade, an American theater founder
  • William Winwood Reade, an English historian, explorer, and philosopher

Usage examples of "reade".

About the year 1820, the dry goods merchants began to locate themselves on the west side of Broadway near Reade street.

Jack and Stephen went ashore, followed by Seymour and Reade, Bonden and a young foretopman called Fazackerley: they carried a compass, tools, a bottle, and a pot of paint, and as they walked up the damp sand to the tide-mark the sun rose behind them.

The vehicle shifted as the horses began to turn around, and through the window Herm saw a large, derelict building on one side of the plaza, with the words John Reade Orphanage carved above the lintel of the door.

Armed with shovels, the four roughnecks were digging up the thorny prickle-bushes near the hollow where Andrew had fallen, while Reade, in the lee of a rock, was scowling over the fine print of an Army manual of Martio-biology.

He is hero, saint, scholar, gentleman, athlete, pugilist, navigator, physiologist, botanist, blacksmith and carpenter all rolled into one, the sort of compendium of all the talents that Reade honestly imagined to be the normal product of an English university.

The wind, a strong reefed-topsail breeze in the south-west, was kicking up an odd little cross-sea in the harbour, and as Reade, who had brought the Ringle round to face Southsea Castle, filled his forestaysail, leaving the Bellona's towering side and getting under way, the long low schooner took on a curious fidgeting motion like a horse held in, dancing on his toes, cager to be off.

Reade, however, was an expert on desert islands, or at any rate he was very well up in the geography textbooks of the time.

This is the season: the young are almost on the wing, and a little small thin midshipman like Reade or Harper could be lowered down the cleft on a rope, and collect half a dozen empty nests.

After the roast mutton had gone away, a very mere skeleton, Jack in desperation sent for Reade and told him to ask Mr Adams for some bristol card and to cut out two isosceles triangles, the one with an apex of 135°.

The majority of the former crowd had pushed their way into the safety of the Capital Complex, guided by Reade Latta and his makeshift security team in between breaking up minor scuffles between individual Bringloidi and Mariposans.

The engines came to life just as Corsi saw the leading edge of the mob clear the arch of the portal, with Reade Latta leading the charge.

He was speaking eagerly of the Prothonotaries Apostolic and their varying rows of little violet buttons when Reade came in, took off his hat, and said, 'Tender hooked on, sir, if you please, and all is laid along,' this last, with a significant look at Stephen, meant that Killick had carried over a small valise holding all that he thought proper for Dr Maturin to wear during this absence, and a supply of shirts.

His little black god-daughters, Sarah and Emily, had so shot up, had grown so leggy, that he did not have to bend to kiss them, and both were in fine spirits, since they had spent the last half hour in the company of William Reade, Stephen's supper guest, who had shown them the Royal Navy's version of Puss in the Corner, a more complex and subtle game than was usual in the Liberties.

And though there seems nothing improbable in the seed, it hath not succeeded by station in any manner of ground, wherein we had no reason to despair, since we reade of vegetable horns, and how Rams horns will root about Goa.

The quietness lasted throughout the scientific observations and during the time the hands ate their dinner and drank their grog, a time during which Reade laid out the coils of deep-sea line at given intervals from the forecastle to the mizen chains so that the men could let them go in succession.