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n. (alternative spelling of rerun English) vb. (alternative spelling of rerun English)

Usage examples of "re-run".

UK Gold, a re-runs channel, would transmit two thirty-minute episodes from a couple of years back in the mornings, then ITV would show a brand-new, one-hour episode in the evening.

In his office Vladimir Dolkov was re-running the tape of a programme that had appeared on the BBC a couple of days earlier.

She and Caris, in the old days, watching Carin Coldae re-runs, had planned extravagant sexual adventures: all the handsome men in the galaxy, in all the exotic places, in the midst of saving planets or colonies or catching slavers.

This was what Monte Carlo wouldn't pay Cathy for, a re-run of the Olympic final.

The evidence of individuality within the group mind is disturbing to Annette: too many re-runs of the Borgish fantasy have conditioned her preconceptions.

But after Church, Fiore and his friends will be too busy re-running the lynching from every imaginable angle and trying to figure out how the social dynamics of a genuine dark ages mob operate.

If so, the logical step for us is to go back to the beginning of our tests and re-run our X-ray diffractions, to see if we can refine our measurements of positron frequencies.