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RDI may refer to:

In science and technology:

  • Radar Doppler à Impulsions, air intercept radar on French Mirage 2000C fighters that was developed from the Radar Doppler Multifunction
  • Reference Daily Intake or Recommended Daily Intake, a quantity of recommended nutrient intake
  • Relationship Development Intervention, a treatment for autism
  • Resistance Database Initiative, a not-for-profit HIV/AIDS research organisation
  • Respiratory disturbance index, a tool for measuring frequency of breathing related sleep disturbances
  • RDI register, a 64-bit processor register of x86 CPUs
  • Reflected DOM Injection, an XSS evasion technique

In organisations:

  • Ici RDI, formerly Réseau de l'information, a Canadian French language news channel owned by Radio-Canada
  • RDI Video Systems, a video game company
  • Response Dynamics, a conservative direct marketing firm
  • Rural Development Institute, Canadian research center
  • Rassemblement démocratique pour l'indépendance, unofficial banner of some dissident deputies of Parti Québécois in 1984–1985.