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The Collaborative International Dictionary

RD \R&D\ ([aum]r"[a^]n*d[=e]"), n. [research and development.] research and development; used mostly to refer to the division of a corporation responsible for performing research and developing new products; -- a commonly used abbreviation.

Syn: R and D, research and development. [PJC]


alt. 1 road 2 rad (unit of measure) 3 (context knitting English) round n. 1 road 2 rad (unit of measure) 3 (context knitting English) round


Rd or RD may refer to:

RD (group)

RD, also known as Ruff Diamondz, were a British girl group from London comprising Julie "Chronz" Norton, Martika Lecointe-Akore, and Troy Hudson.

The group were formed in 2009 when a manager introduced the members to each other via MySpace. They subsequently spent six months training in fitness, choreography, singing, and styling before they performed live for the first time. In September 2010, Ruff Diamondz released a mixtape titled The Intro of RD aka Ruff Diamondz, followed by their debut single "Do It Like Me" in November 2010 via Polydor Records. They were profiled in The Guardian as the newspaper's "New band of the week" in October 2010. Also during 2010, Ruff Diamondz toured the United Kingdom with JLS on their arena tour and N-Dubz on the MOBO Awards tour.

By 2011, the group had officially changed their name to RD due to copyright issues. They released their second single "Got Me Burnin'", co-written by Katy B and produced by Geeneus of Rinse FM, in October 2011. The single was playlisted on BBC Radio 1 and received favourable reviews from the Daily Star, Mixmag, MuuMuse, Popjustice, and The Singles Jukebox. Polydor dropped the group the same month, and in November 2011 they announced they had split up after Hudson decided to leave the group.

Lecointe-Akore embarked on a solo career under the name Martika LA, releasing the single "Give Me Your Love" in 2012.

Usage examples of "rd".

Wishon Ave., Fresno, California 93704 Washington Area Free U-5519 Prospect Place, Chevy Chase, Maryland 20015 and 1854 Park Rd.

His RDs had gotten one good look at the enemy vessels, despite their cloak, before Bremerton fell back to Alpha One.

Drive fields tentatively IDed as freighters moved back and forth between its huge asteroid belt and the inner planets, and the RDs had long-range readings on the mammoth orbital constructs those freighters apparently served.