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RCV may stand for:

  • Ranked Choice Voting
  • Radio Club Venezolano, an amateur radio organization in Venezuela
  • Rat coronavirus
  • Rabbit calicivirus
  • Redlands Citrus Valley High School in Redlands, California
  • Refuse collection vehicle
  • Regulatory Capital Value, an accounting concept developed by Ofwat, the UK water industry regulator
  • Radio Controlled Vehicle, a vehicle that uses antennas as a power source much like a radio-controlled toy.
  • Remote Control Vehicle, used in bomb disposal
  • Rotary Cylinder Valve, referring to RCV engines
  • Robust Coefficient of Variation, related to Coefficient of variation or Robust statistics
  • ReCharge Voucher for Prepaid mobile telephone service in India (Telecom)
  • Residual Customer Value, related to Customer lifetime value
  • Roskill Community Voice, local body team active in the Auckland Council Puketapapa (Mt Roskill) Local Board