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RCH may stand for:

  • Radio Club de Honduras, an amateur radio organization in Honduras
  • Railway Clearing House, the British financial clearing house and technical standards bureau for railways
  • Red cunt hair, slang for a very small amount
  • The Royal Canadian Hussars, a Primary Reserve armoured regiment of the Canadian Forces
  • Royal Columbian Hospital, a tertiary hospital in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
  • Almirante Padilla Airport (IATA airport code: RCH) in Riohacha, Colombia
  • Racing Club Heemstede, a Dutch football club
  • RCH (cars), a Greek vehicle manufacturer
RCH (football club)

RCH (Racing Club Heemstede) is a Dutch football club founded on February 25, 1911. It became Dutch champion in 1923 and 1953.

RCH (cars)

RCH (Replicar Hellas, formerly Beetlekitcars) was founded in 2007 in Katerini, Greece by Elias Gaganelis, and produces high-quality replicas of older Porsche models. These include a variety of types based on the 356 Speedster, as well as the 550 Spyder, while models based on the Volkswagen Beetle have also been produced. For many years, the cars could not be legally sold in Greece, with all produced cars exported, mostly to European countries.