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RBT may refer to:

  • Ringback tone, audible ringing that is heard on the telephone line by the calling party after dialing and prior to the call being answered
  • Risk-based testing, type of software testing that prioritizes features and functions to be tested based on priority
  • Random breath test or sobriety checkpoints
  • RBT (TV series) an Australian factual television show about sobriety checkpoints
  • Red–black tree, a data structure in computer science
  • Requirements Based Testing, a testing based on the requirements of the tested system.
  • Residual block termination, a method for dealing with a final, undersized data block in cryptography
  • Results Based Training, training techniques focussed on results, rather than content, assessment or accreditation
  • Resonant Body Transistor, a field-effect transistor (FET) in which acoustic vibrations are supported in its body
RBT (TV series)

RBT is a New South Wales, Australia factual television series narrated by Australia actor Andrew Daddo that looks at the everyday workings of sobriety check points, by Random Breath Testing police units. The show began on Nine Network on 27 June 2010 and follows RBT patrols testing for alcohol and drug affected and reckless drivers. The premiere attracted 1.32 million viewers. The second series began in February 2011, followed by a third series in September 2011. On 1 April 2015 RBT began airing its fifth season. Season six will air starting on 24 September 2015. RBT will return in 2016 with Season 7.