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RBL may refer to:

  • RBL Bank, an Indian bank
  • RBL cells, cells used in the study of allergy
  • RBL Posse, a hip hop group from San Francisco, California
  • RB Leipzig, a German football club
  • Real-time Blackhole List or DNSBL, a list of IP addresses most often used to publish addresses linked to spamming
  • Reasonable benefit limits, a limit on Australian retirement benefits
  • Research Bureau Limited, the former name of Research International
  • Rifled breech loader, a type of artillery
  • Rogers Broadcasting Limited, a Canadian broadcasting company owned and operated by Rogers Communications
  • The Royal British Legion, a British charity
  • Rubber band ligation, an outpatient treatment for internal hemorrhoids
  • Miraya Bikol (ISO 639 code: rbl), a variety of the Albay Bikol language
  • Red Bluff Municipal Airport (FAA LID: RBL), an airport in California, United States
  • Reserves based lending, also known as ‘borrowing base’ financing, in the context of oil and gas is a commonly used technique for financing assets which are already in production or where production is expected to commence shortly.