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RBF may refer to:

  • Radial basis function in numerical analysis
  • Rassemblement Bruxelles-France, a minor Belgian political party
  • Rangierbahnhof, a railway marshalling yard in Germany, abbreviated Rbf.
  • Rat-bite fever, an illness acquired from rodents
  • Reel Big Fish, a ska-punk band
  • Renal blood flow, the rate of blood flow to the kidneys
  • Reserve Bank of Fiji, the central bank of Fiji
  • Resting bitch face, an unintentionally annoyed-looking facial expression
  • Revenue Based Financing, capital for growing businesses
  • Riboflavin, a vitamin, may be abbreviated to Rbf or RBF
  • Rockefeller Brothers Fund, a philanthropic vehicle of the Rockefellers
  • Rubidium fluoride, chemical formula RbF
  • Russian Basketball Federation
  • Big Bear City Airport, California, IATA code RBF