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abbr. (context basketball English) rebound


RBD was a Mexican musical group that gained popularity from Televisa's teen series Rebelde, and found international success from 2004 until their separation in 2009. RBD has sold over 20 million records 2 million albums in the United States, making them the most successful Latin pop group of all time.

The members are popular Mexican singers and actors Anahí, Alfonso Herrera, Christian Chávez, Christopher von Uckermann, Dulce Maria and Maite Perroni. The main writers and producers for the project were Carlos Lara (aka D.J. Kafka), Lynda Thomas (aka Polen Thomas) and Max di Carlo (aka Karen Sokoloff).

The band was officially formed on October 30, 2004, and on August 15, 2008, RBD announced through a press release that they would disband in 2009.