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n. (plural of ray English)

Rays (Michael Nesmith album)

Rays is an album by Michael Nesmith, originally released in a limited edition of 100 in November 2005, then later released in an unlimited edition in April 2006. Nesmith described the album as a cinematic journey of sound with elements of swing, jazz and instrumental funk that forms what he calls "New Century Modern".

The album cover is a comic strip drawn by Drew Friedman and features Nesmith "driving" through five stages of his life with a quest to looking to fill his "appetite": 1) His earlier career in The Monkees, where he is seen driving a Pontiac GTO and wearing his signature knit-cap; 2) His career as the frontman of the First National Band, driving a Jeep; 3) His Elephant Parts-era career, where he is seen driving a pink Cadillac (referring to his song, Eldorado to the Moon); 4) His later life as an author, entrepreneur and philanthropist, driving a Rolls Royce and asking, "where am I?"; 5) And in the center of the cartoon, Nesmith is sitting peacefully under a tree on a hill, content with himself, stating, "suddenly, I’m not as hungry as I’d thought".

Usage examples of "rays".

Martin knew he had to get more X rays and a new CAT scan on Lisa Marino.

Even fifth-order rays would require a millionth of a second or so to set the course.

For four years the two men had been working on a program to enable a computer to read skull X rays, replacing the radiologist.

Since the problems of interpreting skull X rays were essentially the same as interpreting other X rays, the program would be eventually adaptable to the entire field of radiology.

He'd seen her briefly twice before when she was having her preoperative X rays, and Philips was shocked how different she looked now.

What you have to do now is run the program against as many skull X rays as you can find that you have read in the past.

The two doctors directed their interest to the series of X rays that lined the back walls.

Newman came back from studying the X rays and positioned Lisa's shaved head.

The resident crossed his gloved hands on his chest, and walked over to study the X rays arranged on the view box.

Normally the chief technician didn't leave the department to take X rays, but Philips had asked him to attend personally to Mannerheim just to avoid any trouble.

He put the X rays up on the viewer, aware that Mannerheim had seen him.

Philips, would you mind taking yourself and your X rays out of here so that we can finish the operation?

Philips activated his alternator and X rays flashed by on the screen until he found Lisa Marino's angiogram study.

Like the first one, the report was very complete, and to Philips' delight, the computer again described the density variation and recommended more X rays from different angles as well as another CAT scan.

A few of Lisa Marino's X rays slipped out from under the retaining clips and fell from the viewer screen.