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Rayong (, ) is a city ( thesaban nakhon) on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. It covers the tambon Tha Pradu and Pak Nam and parts of tambon Choeng Noen and Noen Phra, all within Mueang Rayong district. As of 2005 the population was 54,641. The main industry is fishing, and it is the main producer of Thailand's fish sauce. It is also the center of the chemical and auto industries. In 2012 Ford Motor Company opened an assembly plant in Rayong to expand Ford's presence in the ASEAN area, employing some 2,200 people.

Rayong (disambiguation)

Rayong is a city located in the Gulf of Thailand. The name may also refer to:

  • Rayong Province
  • Amphoe Mueang Rayong or Mueang Rayong district
  • Rayong River