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It has been subsequently held many times that municipal corporations are mere instrumentalities of the State for the more convenient administration of local governments, whose powers may be enlarged, abridged, or entirely withdrawn at the pleasure of the legislature.

She had not thought it possible to manage him, but she had, and she had found the sensation more pleasurable than ever it had been with Rayk, or any of the other Pili she sometimes took as lovers.

My master, the Lord High King Rayk, has charged me with protecting his domain from unauthorized trespass.

She had already convinced Rayk that once they began their oasis in the desert, such treats would be only a matter of time.

But as long as Rayk lived, there existed the chance that he would find out about Conan.

Thayla ground her teeth as the young fool looked from Rayk back at her, his guilt at having lain with her shining forth from his face like a torch.

As her mind scrabbled to find a way out of this new danger, Rayk smiled and pulled her against him.

As Rayk made his way back from the call of nature, Thayla turned to smile at him.

If he and Rayk chanced to speak before she could prevent it, things would become very tricky and dangerous indeed.

Just as Rayk gathered himself to leap, Thayla heard Conan begin counting.